Fantastikwings, Lda. – RM Guest House respects the privacy of visitors of RM Guest House website and protects its information. This privacy policy provides the information that we collect and how we can use it as well as the security standards adopted to protect your identity and personal data.

What king of information do we collect:

We may request the following categories of personal data when you register on our website, participate in our surveys or subscribe to our newsletters, alerts or use some of our products or services:

  • Personal information: name, gender, nationality, date of birth, nationality, etc.;
  • Preference information: information relevant to the service being booked;
  • Contact information: address, telephone number, e-mail, address, etc.;
  • Payment information: credit card details, billing address, and other payment and billing information;
  • Accommodation information: dates of arrival and departure from our hotel, type of room, etc.;
  • Feedback: records of your contact with us such as via phone number, or if you get in touch with us online using our online services which helps us to customize offers to you and provide information that we think are of interest or relevance to you;
  • Professional information: If you are applying for a position at Fantastikwings, Lda. – RM Guest House in addition to the above mentioned information, we may collect information about your academic, professional and previous employment records.

Children’s privacy (children and youth):

  • We also limit the information collected in relation to children under 18 years to their name, nationality, and date of birth, which can only be supplied to us by an adult who is either the children’s parent or guardian or who has the parent’s or guardian’s consent. We kindly request that parent ensure that children do not send or provide us with any Personal Data without parental consent, and if such information was sent, please get in touch with us and we will delete such information.
  • We also collect information about your website usage by using cookies.

How we will use this information:

We will use this information for the following purposes:

  • Performing our customer service obligations: management of reservations and your stay in our property and payment.
  • Improvement of our services: assessment of our services in our property, improvement in the operation of our business as part of the contracted relationship between you and us.
  • Personalization of our services and communications: personalize content and tailor our digital customer experience and offerings, understand customers’ requirements to develop targeted marketing programs, newsletters, and promotions.
  • Recruitment: recruitment of staff or interns for Atelier Urbano, Lda. – RM Guest House. As part of your submission of information to us as a result of applying for a position at Fantastikwings, Lda – RM Guest House, you give us permission to process your data as part of the recruitment process.
  • Compliance with legal obligations: compliance with applicable laws, such as local privacy laws, prevention of fraud or money laundering, police investigations, and tourism regulations.

How data is retained and with whom it can be shared:

Data is recorded on paper and IT systems. Our data retention Notice sets out where this data is stored for the above-mentioned purposes.

Without prejudice to any communications made to comply with legal or contractual obligations, data may also be disclosed to external parties as required by laws or regulations (e.g. court, tribunal, regulatory authority or governmental entity).

The retention period of your information, documented in our data retention Notice, will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • Reasonable business needs: for as long as we provide goods and services to you, or managing our relationship with you, managing our operations; and/or
  • Reasonable statutory periods: for as long as someone could bring a claim against us or for as long we need to comply with our fiscal and legal obligations; and/or
  • Other retention periods in line with legal and regulatory guidance and requirements.

Fantastikwings, Lda. – RM Guest House will comply with the required legal time period in each jurisdiction for retaining your personal data.

Right of the data holder to access to it’s personal information

The data subject has the right to receive a copy of your personal information in our possession.

Right of data holder to the disposal of personal data

If you are using our website through the user registration process, your data will be stored in a specific user control database.

However, the Data Holder may require its deletion whenever it wishes, through the written request for our official address present on the website.


A cookie is a small amount of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. This helps the site to remember information about your visit and other settings so that we can provide you with a next visit easier and more useful.

We use cookies for different purposes:

  • Technical Cookies: We use technical cookies to display our website, so that it works properly, allowing you to provide you with an advanced and user-friendly website.
  • Functional Cookies: We also use these cookies to remind you of your preferences and to help you use our site more efficiently.
  • Analytic Cookies: We use analytic cookies to help us understand how visitors engage with the site. You can use a set of cookies to collect information and disseminate site usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors. This means we can find out what works best for improving our site.